David Hampshire



Stagescripts Ltd have published and administer the performance rights to David's full-length play Face Value. A 25th wedding anniversary provides the impetus for this darkly comic play which explores the evolving relationships between three couples.

Some Quotes: ''Well done. There is no doubt that you have a firm grasp of character and a good ear for dialogue''. - Richard Harris, Playwright ('Stepping Out', Outside Edge').

''I really like the play. The dialogue trips beautifully off the tongue''. - Virginia Stride, Actress.

''I loved the way the play was structured and thought it was a real lesson in comic writing. Allan's character especially was a tour-de-force''. - Tom Jensen, Playwright.


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Face Value

Stagescripts Ltd publish and administer the performance rights to three volumes of David's short plays under the series title, Moments In Life.

Moments In Life : Volume One

Moments In Life : Volume Two

Moments In Life : Volume Three

Moments In Life : An Eye For An Eye: Receive a free
bonus script if all three volumes are purchased together.

Visiting Emily, a companion monologue to Visiting Frank, was performed at Actor and Writers London in September. Frank was played by Denys Graham and the play was directed by Kenneth Michaels. Visiting Emily will be published in a revised single edition of David's short plays Moments In Life by Stagescripts Ltd. in 2018.

David's full length play Funny Turns, a comedy set in 1935 in the dying decades of the Music hall era, will have a rehearsed reading at Actors and Writers London (AWL) at the Polish Centre, 238-246 King Street, Hammersmith W6 ORF on Monday 12th March 12th 2018 at 7.30pm. The cast comprises Joan Blackham, Georgia Riley, Kenneth Michaels, Lewis Rae, Mansel David, Crissy Mullen, David Forest, Gregory Cox and Paul Antony-Barber. The play will be directed by Hayward Morse with sound by Orsolya Nagy.

David filmed in Cape Town, South Africa for a week in March 2017 (his third time working in that lovely city) shooting an American commercial for Entresto, a medical product for the U.S. market.

Straight Man and Happy Inside were staged for Barnes Age UK on 5th December 2017. The performances featured Denys Graham, Dorothea Phillips, Helen Le Bohec and Kenneth Michaels. Kenneth Michaels directed.

David adapted Oscar Wilde's An Ideal Husband and he played Sir Robert Chiltern in BESTheatre's 2015 Slovenian schools tour of the play.

David's plays are performed throughout the U.K. Briefcase Encounter and Over the Top (up) were recently performed in Scotland by the Linlinthgow Players.

Brecks FM Radio, Norfolk will produce and broadcast selections from Moments In Life in February 2018.

TANIA FOLEY 1977 - 2017

Tania Foley, a friend and colleague passed away suddenly in January 2017. Tania memorably played Lady Chiltern in BESTheatre's 2015 tour of Oscar Wilde's An Ideal Husband. Tania was an actress of warmth, sensitivity and great professionalism and her tragically early loss is deeply mourned by the many people she touched throughout her life. Rest in Peace Tania.

Crissy Mullen and Denys Graham
Denys Graham (Walter) performing in
Happy Inside
at Actors & Writers London in March 2014
Edmund Dehn Crissy Mullen and Denys Graham
Edmund Dehn (Brian) Crissy Mullen (Claire)
and Denys Graham (Walter)

David's full-length play Face Value received a rehearsed reading at the CAA in London in 2013. The performance featured Anita Graham, Abigail Hood, Carolyn Gaunt, Andy Hawthorne, Paul Lavers and Rob Compton. The reading was directed by Kenneth Michaels with sound by Michael Murray.

Stephanie Connell Gregory Cox
Stephanie Connell (Theresa Maine) and Gregory Cox (Jonathan Maine)
in rehearsals for The Maine Course.

Straight Man featuring Denys Graham, Dorothea Phillips and Crissy Mullen was performed at Actors & Writers London Showcase evening.  The director was Kenneth Michaels and the sound was by Michael Murray.

Dorothea Phillips and Denys Graham
Dorothea Phillips (Ruby) and Denys Graham (Ron)
performing Straight Man at Actors & Writers London
Denys Graham Denys Graham and Crissy Mullen
Denys Graham (Ron) Denys Graham (Ron) and Crissy Mullen (Nurse)

Ava Gardner featuring Denys Graham and Hélène Le Bohec, was performed at Actors & Writers London. Direction was by Kenneth Michaels with sound design by Adam McGuinness.

Denys Graham Helene Le Bohec
Denys Graham (Bevan) and Hélène Le Bohec (April)
performing in Ava Gardner at Actors & Writers London

A compilation of David's writing, An Evening Of My Stuff, was presented at the CAA in London. The actors were Carolyn Pertwee, Maeve Leahy, Catherine Harvey, Hilary Field, Denys Graham, Peter Saracen, Edmund Dehn and Lee Peck.  The director was Kenneth Michaels and the sound technician was Paddy Gormley.  Highlights of the event are available on CD free of charge. Please contact David to order a CD.